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ANTIRAIN  Underpart  Car Cleaning Tool

ANTIRAIN Underpart Car Cleaning Tool


ANTIRAIN Underpart Car Cleaning Tool

-Its use to clean Underpart car and the function is to help remove oil stain, fuel, road grime and stubborn dirt. Flexible wheel rotation for direction cleaning and the range PSI 1500 t0 4000.


Material Made

Barr: Aluminum

Wheel: Rubber

Nozzle : Stainless Steel

Barr Length : 42cm

Light weight easy to carry


How To Use

1.Connect Angle wand OUTPUT with Underpart Car Cleaning Tool

2.Pressure washer Gun Connect with INPUT angled wand.

3.DONE, Ready to Clean Underpart.

4.Extension wand can be used, if the user want to clean deeper part.


What Inside box

UnderPart Car Cleaning Tool with 4 nozzle fixed.

Angle Wand : 1 unit

Extension Wand : 1 unit

Wheels : 2 units

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