ANTIRAIN NANOCUT 3.1  POLISH COMPOUND is a silicone and wax-free professional intensive grinding waterbase paste with a very strong abrasive mixture of grinding components. Thermally optimized aluminum oxide microparticles ensure reliable defect correction with very easy machine operation. The cut reaches immediately after the start of polishing and leaves a hologram-reduced, homogeneous high gloss. Dust-free processing and effortless removal of polishing residues ("easy-off"). Removes grindings up to 1500 grit. We also use this compound as cutting to handle soft paint car from Japan. It can easily to remove sticky paint issue with lake country polish sponge. 


We also use this compound to leveling orange peel on soft paint with velvet pad. So the swirl mark will not created a lot due to not so aggressive. With this way , detailer only needed to polish with ANTIRAIN NANOCUT 2.2 finishing compound to improve gloss. 


Content : 500grams


Cut Level: 6/10 
Gloss Level: 7/10


1. extremely easy to work with
2. with high-end abrasives
3. Wax and silicone-free


pH: 8.0


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