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ANTIRAIN HEADLAMP COAT is a nano-glass ceramic coating designed specifically for polycarbonate headlight and taillight lenses. This high-solids formula adds an extra film of clear coat over new or restored headlight lenses, leaving them crystal clear and well-protected for up to 1years. Designed to prevent UV-induced fading and discoloring, applying ANTIRAIN HEADLAMP COAT COAT to a brand-new vehicle will save you hundreds, if not thousands of ringgit over the course of ownership of the vehicle by preventing costly headlights from deteriorating.


ANTIRAIN HEADLAMP COAT is inexpensive insurance for providing a clear view of the road ahead. Cloudy, faded headlight lenses block the output of the actual headlight bulb by up to 90%, reducing visibility during nighttime driving, not to mention during inclement weather conditions such as ice, sleet, and snow. If your vehicle has headlights that are cloudy and yellow, RESTORE the clarity using ANTIRAIN NANOCUT 3.1 POLISH COMPOUND, then COAT them using ANTIRAIN HEADLAMP COAT. What are you waiting for?!


Item contents :

1. Coating Box

2. Coating Applicator

3. Coating Applicator Towel

4. Coating 30ML



If applicable, remove oxidation and yellowing by using ANTIRAIN NANOCUT 3.1 POLISH COMPOUND. Then, wipe the lens down with Isopropyl Alcohol diluted 1:5 (paint prep ratio).


Apply ANTIRAIN HEADLAMP COAT directly onto a Coating Applicator. Evenly distribute the coating using a side to side and up and down hand motion. Immediately remove excess product using a clean, lint-free microfiber towel. Avoid exposing the headlight lens to water or moisture for 6 hours.



1. How many pair headlight 30ML can use?

Ans : Normally with 2 layer each pair of head light. I can use 10pairs minimum.

2. How long it will last on headlight?

Ans : Normally lasting time 6months and above.

3. It is hard type coating?

Ans : Yes , Hard coating with cure residue.

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