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ANTIRAIN Glass Cleaner is a alcohol and ammonia free glass cleaner that is designed to remove dirt, smudges, finger prints, road film, and anything else that hinders your view of the road. Formulated to be sunlight-friendly, ANTIRAIN Glass Cleaner promises to create a streak-free finish, leaving your glass crystal clear. Like other ANTIRAIN detailing products, Glass Cleaner performs as good or better than more expensive products.


ANTIRAIN made the impossible possible with Glass Cleaner. While most glass cleaners rely on ammonia and alcohol to get the job done, ANTIRAIN Glass Cleaner forgoes volatile chemicals and instead relies on smart chemistry. ANTIRAIN Glass Cleaner smells as good if not better than Spray & Gloss or Natural Look Dressing! ANTIRAIN Glass Cleaner smells so good and works so well that you’ll find every excuse you can to use it!


Don’t stop at your car! ANTIRAIN Glass Cleaner is suitable for use around the house or workplace. Use ANTIRAIN Glass Cleaner to remove greasy finger prints and smudges from household mirrors and glass. Thanks to its ammonia and alcohol free formula, ANTIRAIN Glass Cleaner is safe for tinted windows.


Sun or shade, ANTIRAIN Glass Cleaner will leave you with streak-free, crystal clear clarity.


Pollution outdoor area mixing ratio

slight contamination 1:2

medium pollution 1:1

heavy pollution Pure

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