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Rainwater and tap water contain a variety of ingredients, with the evaporation of water will be separated. Scaly fouling (scale) is formed when these substances are attached to the painted surface and the window glass surface. After these accumulated dirt accumulated repeatedly, the gloss of the coating surface will be deteriorated, the glass surface will lose transparency. When this happens, it usually takes time and manpower to carry out grinding work to handle, but if you use this liquid, you just stick to the sponge to wipe the scale. Stubborn silica scale is also very easy to remove. In addition, ANTIRAIN CAR BODY WATERMARK REMOVER contains special acidic ingredients that decompose the scale, especially around the side tapes of white vehicles, as well as scale removal around the logo.

■ remove the paint surface of water spots
■ Remove water stains on the window glass surface
■ Pre-treatment for grinding work
Grinding project can be used before the treatment of stubborn scale, the subsequent grinding operations more efficient.
Improve the final completion quality
■ remove the body corners and other fine parts of the scale
It is also very effective for strips, signs, etc. especially for stubbornly adhered to white vehicles.
■ Electroplating tape or B-pillar, such as auxiliary cleaning
The deterioration of imported cars and other plastic strips or side columns even if the use of special abrasive can not be easily restored.
Pre-treatment using this solution can remove contaminated film on the surface and make grinding more efficient.
※ According to the contents of the job diluted to 2 times the fluid before use.

Antirain Car Body Watermark Remover uses to rid of car body watermark in 20sec! It will not degrade the car coating which applied on car paintwork. It also using to remove glass scale and fur on paintwork.

Contain :
1. Antirain Watermark Remover 100ML
2. User Guidance 1 set
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