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3M Trizact 6" Sand Paper 5000GRIT

3M Trizact 6" Sand Paper 5000GRIT


Benefits of Trizact Hookit 6 INCH Sand Paper # 5000 (30662) 


1. 3M Trizact (30662) Hookit 6" 5000 Grit Foam DiscTrizact 5000 discs remove P3000 fine grade scratches
2. They can reduce or eliminate the need for compounding in specific situations
3. These discs also can eliminate the need for using wool compounding pads in automotive paint refinishing
4. Use Trizact 5000 grit foam disc for removing P3000 grade sand scratches on painted surfaces prior to use of 3M 
5. Perfect-It polishing system. Use with 3M Hookit Disc Pad 05551 and 3M Hookit Soft Interface Pad 05777.
6. After use leaves a more uniform and consistent sanding mark pattern
7. Less dusting than dry sanding , less mess for a cleaner shop environment
8. Minimize swirl marks make.


Starts to polish!

The sanding mark pattern left after sanding with 3M Trizact 5000 Discs is so refined, that you can actually see reflections in the sanded areas! Normally paint that has been sanded is flat and dull, but when finishing out with 3M Trizact 5000 discs you’ll already be working towards the goal of restoring a clear, glossy finish.

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