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1500lbs Motorcycle Hydraulic Lift Motor Bike Assembly Stand Quad Jack Lift Hoist

1500lbs Motorcycle Hydraulic Lift Motor Bike Assembly Stand Quad Jack Lift Hoist


Having Trouble to Lift heavy tools and equipment for Car and Motorcycle For Servicing and Detailing Work, HERE FOR YOU ANTIRAIN 1500LBS MOTORCYLE HYDRAULIC LIFT. Easy to use with leg pressure power lift heavier load easily at greater height by applying by small amount of force.



1.Capacity : 1500lbs

2.Max Height : 382mm

3.Min Height : 155mm

4.Gross Weight : 30Kg

5.Net Weight : 28Kg

6.Packing Size(mm) : 850x400x150




Type of Cylinder : Single -Rod Cylinder

Function : Lifting

Drive Pump : Hydraulic

Material : Solid Metal

Lift Table Dimension : 31cm x31 cm

Easy lifting via Hydraulic With foot Pedal

Safe Lifting of Motorcycles with Double Tube Frames and Quads

Rubberized Overlay for Protection against Scratches

Stable Roller and Guide Bar Essay and Manicuring.

Max Load Capacity : 680Kg

Suitable for:-

*Motor Servicing Workshop

*Motor Detailing Work


Inside Box

01 unit = 15000LBS Motorcycle Hydraulic

01 Unit = Instauration Manual

Size Packaging 87cm x 41cm x 13cm



1.Before each use inspect the general condition of the lift, Check for broken, cracked or bent parts, loose or missing parts and any condition that may affect the proper operation of the product.

2.Thoroughly test the ift for proper operation prior to its actual use.

3.Change the hydraulic oil at least once every three years

4.Wipe dry with a clean cloth .Then ,store the lift in a safe location


Safety Instruction

1.DO NOT exceed 1500lb . rated capacity.

2.Do Not adjust safety valve.

3.Inspect before ever use ; do not use if the parts are loose or damage.

4.Use only on hard level surface.

5. Keep hands away from the lift arms when raising or lowering lift.

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