POLISH PAD BRUSH - remove polish residue

POLISH PAD BRUSH - remove polish residue


This uniquely shaped brush makes cleaning your foam and microfiber pads a breeze. While the pad is still on the machine buffer, run at the machine's slowest setting and gently brush the surface clean. It's a quick, easy, and effective way to remove contaminants from pads like dried polish or compound residue or microscopic paint or clearcoat particles. Removing these particles from your pad will help prevent micro-marring your vehicle's paint surface.

Keep your foam and microfiber pads free of contaminants, prolonging pad life and preventing micro-marring on your paint while polishing.

Flexible nylon bristles gently yet thoroughly condition pads
Unique shape for easy use while pad is mounted to machine buffer
Angled handled for comfortable use even on carpet or hard surfaces

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