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Grit Guard

Grit Guard

- Size S - diameter at 23.5cm fits smaller buckets! Normal grit guard is 26cm. 
- Traps dirt at the bottom of bucket - Fits in the bottom of any 3 to 5 gallon bucket 
- Grid surface scrapes dirt out of mitt or sponge 
- Cleans mitts, brushes, towels and other washing utensils 
- Protects painted surfaces from being scratched 
- Colors available: Black 


How It Works? 
The Grit Guard Insert helps prevent swirls and scratches commonly caused when washing any vehicle. The Grit Guard holds dirt and debris at the bottom of any 3 - 5 gallon wash bucket. Over 95% of all swirl marks come from improper washing and drying, and one source of abrasive dirt comes from rubbing the washed-off dirt back onto the car. Using two wash buckets helps keep rinsed off dirt away from paintwork, and using the Grit Guard takes this practice to the next level. The Grit Guard Insert extracts heavy dirt and grit from the wash mitt, sponge, or towel, and helps hold it at the bottom of the bucket so it does not float back up into the wash medium. The raised radial surface features grates for dirt particles to fall through, and fins that divide the base into four quadrants. These fins break up the flow and keep the water still at the bottom of the bucket, which holds dirt down at the bottom. The Grit Guard extracts and holds abrasive dirt particles away from the wash mitt for a scratch-free cleaning experience on any vehicle. Use the Grit Guard in each wash bucket: the rinse bucket, the soap bucket, and the third wheel-cleaning bucket. The Grit Guard Insert is a game-changing paint-saving tool, but it has a number of other uses as well. Use the Grit Guard Insert to clean paint brushes by scrubbing the bristles across the grid when submerged in water or paint thinner. Use the Grit Guard when cleaning automobile parts or to drain oil filters. Stack 3 - 4 Grit Guards on top of one another to scrub buffing pads using a machine polisher. The bottom fins even make a great grid guide when laying tile! Use the Grit Guard Insert to help reduce the chances of scratching any automobile during any car wash.

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