Innovative paintwork finishing polish for a 1 step polishing of sanded down, localised paintwork
damage such as dust occlusion or paint runs. Silicone-free.


Use EARTHSHAKER HD 300 POLISHING COMPOUND as a second step in your paint correction detail to refine your surface, or as a stand-alone, one-step polish!


Perfectly clear, shining paint starts with using the correct products. If you have a sub-par polish that leaves traces of oils, smudges, and leftover correcting marks, you will not be able to achieve that perfect paint. EARTHSHAKER HD 300 POLISHING COMPOUND took this in account during the manufacturing process with their HD 300 Polish, and the results were tremendous.


With a light cutting ability, but a high finish, EARTHSHAKER HD 300 POLISHING has made a name for itself as a two-in-one paint correction product. For light to medium paint correction, EARTHSHAKER HD 300 POLISHING will remove the imperfections, and finish to a high shine – in just one application!


With a cut rating of 6/10 and a 7/10 finish rating EARTHSHAKER HD 300 POLISHING will always finish a surface effectively and without repeated applications. Whether you’re using EARTHSHAKER HD 300 POLISHING as a follow-up polish to EARTHSHAKER HD 100 CUTTING COMPOUND, or just using it as a paint refreshment, the results will always be stunning.


GLOSS :  7/ 10 


Content : 500grams

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