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CAR'S GIFT GP3.155 / 4A

CAR'S GIFT GP3.155 / 4A


Car's Gift Polisher is a tools machine which operates a rubbing surface using ANTIRAIN Pad for bring to polish the surface of materials and articles to which a polishes desired to be given, as in polish metals and glasses. CAR'S GIFT Polisher have variant of model for different polish work.



1.Model:GP3.155 / 4A

2.Voltage:230V~ 50/60Hz

3.Power /Current:900W / 4A

4.Speed:3000 - 5400/MIN

5.Back-Plate: 125mm/5 Inch


7.Power Source: Electric

8.Plug Power:13A/250V

9.Speed: 6 Speed

10.Power Cord: 4 meters

11.Unit Weight: 2.6 KG

12.Colour: Red + Black



Inside Box

1.GP3.155/ 4A Polisher Machine =01 unit

2.Carbon Brush = 01 set

3.Allen Wrench = 01 unit

4.ANTIRAIN Fury Polishing Pad 5inch = 01 unit

5.ANTIRAIN Fury Cutting Wool Pad 5inch= 01 unit

6.Instruction Book = 1 unit

7.Backing Plate 5 inch =1 unit

8.Holder = 01 unit

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