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Britemax Black Max Ultra Fine Polishing Glaze [ 1GALLON ]

Britemax Black Max Ultra Fine Polishing Glaze [ 1GALLON ]

Polymer-Based Ultra Fine Car Polishing Glaze
1. Removes swirls and oxidation
2. Removes medium severity scratches
3. Lubricated, fast-acting abrasive cutting formula
4. Does not saturate applicators
5. Contains no silicon or waxes
6. Prepares surfaces for sealing
Britemax Black Max Ultra Fine Polishing Glaze is the ideal product for finessing the final light imperfections out of paint. This lubricated formula contains fine abrasives that that eliminate lights swirls and marring left behind by more aggressive polishes. Britemax Black Max Ultra Fine Polishing Glaze creates a smooth, glossy, mirror-like shine and a surface that’s ready for wax or sealant application.g Black Max easy to work with during the application and removal or buffing stage. This non-oily car finishing polish offers a maximum return in exchange for minimum effort.  

Britemax Black Max Ultra Fine Polishing Glaze is your last step before perfect paint!

After polishing your vehicle, you may notice a few annoying micro-swirls left behind by the previous step. While it’s perfectly natural to want to move on to a last step product application as soon as possible, and certainly you could do that at this point, all you’ll be doing is locking in those unsightly marks and you’re definitely going to notice them every time you look at your car! Don’t seal in the little stuff, correct it with Britemax Black Max Ultra Fine Polishing Glaze!

Britemax Black Max Ultra Fine Polishing Glaze features an easy-to-use, dust-free formula that eliminates the last of the imperfections in paint, so you can move on to the LSP. This body shop safe formula is packed with lubricants that provide ample working time and prevent buildup of spent product on the polishing pad. Britemax Black Max Ultra Fine Polishing Glaze ensures that your vehicle’s paint so it will be perfectly smooth and swirl free! Apply it by hand or using your favorite machine polisher.

Do not store in extreme temperatures. Should product become frozen, allow to thaw and then shake until original texture is restored.


How to use – Britemax's Quick Car Cleaning Tips:
By Machine:
1.Shake well.
Clean and dry all surfaces.
Using a polishing / finessing buffing pad, dispense a liberal amount of product on the desired surface and spread evenly using the face of the pad.
Increase buffer speed and gradually reduce pressure. Work areas to the desired finish.
Buff and remove dried residue with a clean, soft cloth.


By Hand:
Shake well.
Apply a small amount to surface and rub in a circular motion with a polishing cloth.
Buff dried residue off with a separate soft clean cloth.
Keep product from temperature extremes. If the product becomes frozen, let it thaw and shake vigorously to re-establish consistency.

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