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BIO absorbant is an innovative air purifier that eliminates lingering odors and traps airborne contaminants. This highly efficient product makes use of the well-known absorbent properties of active vegetable carbon.

The advantages of this product are multiple:
1. Long lasting effect;
2. Ideal for absorbing and neutralizing unpleasant odors associated with cooking, animals, tobacco, humidity and paint;
3. Made from ingredients from mineral and vegetable sources;
4. Free of artificial fragrances, phthalates and potentially harmful preservatives, such as parabens, formaldehyde and formaldehyde liberators.

Product manual:
  Did you know that chemical fragrances can cause cancer? The original intention of buying fragrance was to improve the home environment, but choosing the wrong product became chronic drug use! ?
  The causes of cancer caused by commercially available chemical fragrances are organic solvents and fragrances. The cost of natural extracts is too high. Most manufacturers usually use synthetic or semi-synthetic chemical essences. Organic solvents are assistants that help the fragrances evaporate into the air. Benzene, acetone, etc., long-term inhalation can cause leukemia, neurotoxicity, kidney poisoning ...
  This store specially introduces Canada's first brand "BIO absorbant natural deodorant gel imported from Canada". This product has been verified by SGS that it does not contain benzene, formaldehyde and aldehyde; its ingredients are all taken from natural materials and placed in the space for "decomposition" The smell is not like the "covering and covering type" of ordinary fragrances.
  After opening the cover, you can see that the surface is covered with a layer of "activated carbon particles", and the medical grade activated carbon used is refined from coconut shell and palm shell. Its function is to absorb odor, and then use the underlying essential oil gel Decompose the odor, and emit a light natural aroma, the taste is not strong, the editor chooses lemon to place on the car, after the sun has been exposed to the sun all day, open the car door, the pleasant light fragrance is scattered, not like car perfume It ’s disgusting; it ’s a reminder to users that deodorant gels are non-instantly aromatic fragrances that need to be placed in the space for a little time to decompose the odor, and it does not emit very strong itself. The fragrance will only be a touch of fragrance.
  What is the duration of each use? This depends on the amount of odor in the space. Because its products absorb and decompose odors, the more odors, the shorter the period of use, generally about 30 to 45 days.

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