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Imported from Europe, it is pollution free to the river because of its powerful biodegradable formula, which can effectively remove the dirt and achieve the cleaning effect.

* Do not hurt any trim, depending on the actual usage and interpretation.

* This product is used for general vehicle rims, engines, body bleaching, factory floors, bathroom and kitchen range hoods.

* With gloss increase, bleaching, protection, anti-gasification and mosquito function.

Way to use :
1. Wash rim
2. Spray Wheel cleaner on rim.
3. Brush the rim with detail brush
4. Rinse with water.

Precaution :
1. Please use with spray bottle. Do not let this detergent get rid of the surface of the object or stay on the surface to be cleaned for too long, so as not to damage the surface of the object.

2. When using the body temperature is too high, you must cold down the surface before use.

3. This agent strong alkaline degreaser (ph about 11.5), please avoid direct contact with the skin and eyes. When using, it is recommended to wear protective gloves and splashed goggles.

4. Keep it properly placed and accessible to children.

5. Do not swallow, if swallowed, wash your mouth with plenty of clean water and seek medical advice immediately. Please avoid touching the eyes when using it. If you accidentally come into contact with the eyes, please wash with plenty of water and seek medical treatment.