Antirain T-Crystal Car Body Coating is a combination of alkoxysilane and titanium dioxide, which creates a glass layer that protects car paintwork from acid, UV rays and scratches for up to 6 months or more. Antirain T-Crystal Car Body Coating can be applied without time-consuming preparation, such as detailed cut and buffing, allowing customers to enjoy gloss and protection from paint oxidation at an affordable price. T-Crystal Coating can also be employed as a second protective layer in addition to base coating (Diamond Crystal Coating), broadening the lifespan of the base coating. T-Crystal Coating can be used on both bright and deep color car paints, although we recommend its use on deep colored paint, because it can make deep color paint more on wet gloss.


Item contents :
1. Coating Applicator
2. User Guidance
4. Coating 30ML

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