This is a new type of windscreen water repellent coating based on nanotechnology, which improves the driver's vision by 70% when driving in heavy rain! 

Formerly employed to your windscreen, Antirain Nanotech Glass Coating resists watermark problem on vehicle screen for a twelvemonth.. Water Repellency function windscreen wipers suffer less wear-and-tear and distracting reflections are reduced to a minimum.

For most windscreens a heavy downpour causes poor visibility and unsafe driving. Entering Nanotech Glass Coating is WATER RESISTANT, which spells improved visibility in all driving.

Developed using Nanotechnology, Antirain Nanotech Glass Coating repels water, allowing dirt, dust and soil to simply wash away while driving at normal driving speed. Entering Nanotech Glass Coating provides a long lasting invisible protective coating that keeps your windscreen clean and easy to maintain.

1. Dirt, dust and soil resistant
2. Easy to clean, meaningless use of detergent
3. Water resistant
4. Nontoxic
5. Improved visibility when driving in heavy rain
6. Improved night vision and less glare
7. Less windscreen wiper wear-and-tear
8. Durable: protection is guaranteed for 3~6 months on windscreen, 12 months above on other screen.

Way to use :
1. If there are stains and grease on the glass surface, please remove them in advance by Degreaseror Antirain Watermark Remover for windshields and make sure the surface are dry at all.

2. Wipe in evenly and wipe away immediately to avoid streaks attaches.

3. after 3 hours later Wipe off the remains completely with a dried cloth.

4.The surface becomes a super hydrophobic and water beads off.

Precaution :
1. When using the screen temperature is too high, you must cold down the surface before use.

2. Please avoid direct contact with the skin and eyes. When using, it is recommended to wear protective gloves and splashed goggles.

4. Keep it properly placed and accessible to children.

5. Do not swallow, if swallowed, w