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Nanocut Series

The Nanocut technology compound product  consists of homogeneous abrasive gain and is designed specifically for both hard and soft clear coat. Elimination of deep scratches and surface contamination is now easy and quick. Compound action can be prolonged without causing stickiness and low dust formation. The gloss level is impressive when finished.



Apply with medium speed and with medium pressure. Both reticulated and non-re-circulated pad are useable. When polishing , the correct motion is cross section like a "+" sign as picture provide. Lambskin to be used for 1000 to 1500 grit or a polishing pad to achieve 1500 to 3000 grid.



Area Of Use:

Clear coat on all vehicles.



-Shake before using.

-Prevent from frosting and excessive heat.

-Compound not suitable at hot surface.