ANTIRAIN METAL POLISH is the perfect solution to dull, oxidized, tarnished metal surfaces on your boat. This medium-cut polish is designed to restore the shine and luster to uncoated aluminum, stainless steel and chrome with very little effort. ANTIRAIN METAL POLISH creates a highly reflective finish that can be seen from a distance. ANTIRAIN METAL POLISH is arguably the best car metal polish available!

Metal fixtures on your car are susceptible to oxidation and surface rust, especially mercedes chrome panel. ANTIRAIN METAL POLISH stops oxidation and surface rust in its tracks! This easy-to-use, thick metal polish uncovers the mirror-finish that was present on your car’s stainless steel, aluminum and chrome surfaces when it was new.

The secret to ANTIRAIN METAL POLISH lies in its abrasive technology. The advanced abrasive in ANTIRAIN METAL POLISH removes oxidation and staining without dulling the finish.While it’s technically considered a medium-cut metal polish, ANTIRAIN METAL POLISH finishes more like an ultra fine metal polish, eliminating the need to follow up with a second step.

ANTIRAIN METAL POLISH is harbor-safe and eco-friendly.

Shake well and ensure surface is cool to the touch. Not intended for clear coat surfaces.
Hand Application:
1.Apply a dime sized amount to a terry cloth applicator.
2.Working on a small section at a time, thoroughly work polish into surface.
3.Remove residue with a clean microfiber towel.
Machine Application:
1.Apply a dime sized amount to a foam or wool polishing pad.
2.Work a small section (12” x 12”) at a time until surface is shiny.
3.Remove residue with a clean microfiber towel.

Contain : 200G METAL POLISH