1 . Product ingredients: PH: about 5, cationic surfactants, soluble, protective ingredients, wax, stains and flavors.
2.  The function of this product is used for maintenance and protection, especially for the surface of paint, rubber and plastic, bring high-value and long-term maintenance effects.
3.  Especially for the special brightness on the lacquer surface and plastic, immediately showing the best visual effect.
4. It has a long-term protection effect, and has a preventive effect on the environment and climate (for example: UV).
5. It can ensure the effect of maintaining the lowest dirt and the best water splashing effect.
6. This product can be used in mobile convertibles, but it must be constructed manually.


1. Total 100ml chemical, when using please add 20ML chemical and dilute until the bottle fully. [TOTAL CAN REACH 500ML]

2. After manual car washing or foam car washing, the body paint remains moist.

3. After that , spray the Antirain Liquid Coating V3.0 use sponge wipe 2-3 ​​times in a circle.

3. Dry the paint surface after flushing. The brightness and water splashing effect is better after waiting for 15 minutes.

  • Details

    Antirain Nanotech Liquid Coating has been developed using the latest technology based on a unique formula. The liquid coating can be used as a basic protective layer on car paintwork for DIY users. It is very user friendly -- just spray and wipe evenly after washing the car body. Antirain Nanotech Liquid Coating is also very durable and can continue to operate for 2~3 weeks on car paintwork, if properly taken care of. It's also very affordable at RM39.90 and can be used 3~4times with water dilution.