Leather is a luxury, keep it feeling that way with ANTIRAIN LEATHER CONDITONER . ANTIRAIN LEATHER CONDITONER  restores your leather to its original soft and supple beauty. ANTIRAIN LEATHER CONDITONER  also provides a protective layer that boosts durability and prevents degradation. Plus, DANTIRAIN LEATHER CONDITONER  will rejuvenate, brighten and nourish old and neglected leather surfaces. ANTIRAIN LEATHER CONDITONER  will also prevent new leather from ever falling victim to drying and fading. As beneficial as ANTIRAIN LEATHER CONDITONER  is, it is still easy-to-use with just two steps!

Directions for use:
Do NOT use on suede or alcantara
1).Shake well!
2. Clean the surface to be conditioned with diluted ANTIRAIN ALL PURPOSE CLEANER (see bottle for instructions) to remove any surface contamination. 
3. Apply ANTIRAIN LEATHER CONDITONER onto a microfiber applicator.
4. Apply microfiber applicator with product onto the leather surface.
5. Allow the conditioner to dwell for several seconds.
6. Gently wipe off with a clean microfiber towel.

Leather tends to be a more lavish interior with a higher price tag. Don’t let your leather suffer from the harsh effects of UV exposure and everyday wear and tear. Keep the leather looking like new with every look and feel. If your leather has seen better days, ANTIRAIN LEATHER CONDITONER will rejuvenate the surface back to life.

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