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ANTIRAIN SNOW FOAM SHAMPOO is an active foam with strong cleaning performance. Dissolves stubborn dirt and then allows a gentle car wash with shampoo. Snow foam shampoo effectiveness due to stable, homogeneous foam with very good adhesion to vertical surfaces and long service life.


  • for pump sprayer, foam lance and foam tank
  • stable, homogeneous foam image
  • strong active formula
  • PH Balance



Foam lance: Dosage approx. 100-150 ml per 1 liter of water in the storage tank. Adjust foam development via dosing regulator on the foam lance.


Pump sprayer: Dosage approx. 100~150ml per 1 liter of water in the storage tank. Define foam development via nozzle inserts and pressure. Foam the vehicle from bottom to top. Depending on the degree of soiling leave to act for about 3 minutes. Then wash and rinse the vehicle with clean water and high-pressure cleaner.


Foam Tannk : Dosage approx  200~250ml


Pollution outdoor area

mixing ratio

slight contamination

1: 20

medium pollution


heavy pollution

1: 1