Yellow, cloudy and dull headlights all have something in common they provide low visibility at night. Besides making your headlights look old and dingy, headlights with oxidation cut down on the brightness of the lights and actually block some of the light emitting from the headlights. Oxidation buildup occurs on plastic headlights from the sun and weather over time. You dont have to spend hundreds of dollars on replacing your headlights. Remove oxidation from plastic headlights by using Antirain headlamp restore DIY kit it is more efficient and save time consuming.


Benefit Of Antirain Headlamp Oxidation Removal Kit
1. Save your restoring time compare using polishing machine.
2. Our product not remove the invisible layer coating from the cover of headlamp so after using our product you can keep the amazing result longer time compare using polishing machine
3. Our product much cheaper than market product
4. Event cheaper than market but still get amazing result.
5. We also provide user guidance step by step so would not make any mistake on removing steps.

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