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Antirain Glass Microfiber Cloth

Antirain Glass Microfiber Cloth


Antirain Glass Microfiber Cloth

Size 38.5cm x 31.5cm

Original product of Antirain towel

Made of quality material

It is designed to specialize in cleaning glass, helmet visor and mirrors.



Very fine microfiber fabrics and no scratching. This cloth has two different sides, The sides are wavy to clean without scratches and the fibers are straight to shine. Clean and shine your vehicle 's glass with high absorption and easy to wash.


With a layer that can be used to clean dust and gloss vehicle glass, wet or dry use

High absorption power, leave no scratches, easy to wash, has 2 sides of fabric with different texture and function.Suitable for cleaning glass, plastic, vehicle interior


This cloth is very useful as your car cleaning tool.

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