The most prominent feature of the Antirain Diamond Crystal Coat is the successful implementation of a comprehensive range of performance features that reduce damage to the coating through its initial stability and provide an overwhelmingly thick coating while improving workability. The newly developed film with a 3D grid structure Layers, though glass, are soft. The development of the biggest focus is not about the glass coating and film hardness specifications, but the pursuit of protective coating and long-term beauty to maintain the basic function of the coating. To this end, this has a new concept of the structure of the film was born. The conventional glass film is a single film having a uniform three-dimensional cross-linked structure. Although the hardness of the glass film can be sufficiently exerted, the glass film is deficient in flexibility, limited in adhesion to the coated surface, and Poor ability. In contrast, the newly developed 3D grid structure film layer in the three-dimensional mesh structure of the glass film there is a uniform and has a straight chain structure of solid contacts, which can maintain the glass coating hardness at the same time, more Achieve superior flexibility and fit to the coated surface.

The main skeleton of the 3D mesh structure is a siloxane polymer with strong binding ability, which is not affected by UV rays and exerts strong weatherability. By these properties, in addition to prevent the damage caused by external factors such as acid rain, sap, bird droppings, yellow sand, pollen, etc., it can also be applied to special high elasticity coating, abrasion resistant coating And water-based, powder coating and other paint.


Features : 
1. Superb Hardness & Wet Gloss
2. Superb Durability
3. Ease of Application


Item Contain:
1. Antirain Diamond Crystal Coating 30ML x 1
2. Antirain Coating Applicator Towel x 1
3. Antirain Coating Applicator Sponge x 1
4. User Guidance Step by Steps x 1

  • Details

    ANTIRAIN DIAMOND CRYSTAL COATING is a silica coating material which forms a clear glass protection layer on the car body. Glass coating is different from wax or paint sealants, which are resin based. Resin is an organic material that deteriorates as a result of ultraviolet rays and the acid content in rain, which can cause color fading and degradation of the car paintwork. ANTIRAIN DIAMOND CRYSTAL COATING initiates a chemical reaction when applied to the painted surface, forming a hard glass coating. This hard coating combined with the hydrophobic property of silica glass protects against dirt, ensuring paintwork looks as bright as new even 2 years later.

    1. Anti scratch property improved by 50%
    2. Antioxidant
    3. Insulation property
    4. Anti static
    5. Anti acids and salts
    6. Excellent high gloss effect - mirror finish.
    7. Hydrophobic Water-repelling
    8. Anti Calcium effect
    9. Dirt-deflecting
    10. Easy to clean/self cleaning effect
    11. Weather protection
    12. UV - weather-resistant
    13. Anti corrosion
    14. No more waxing !