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High-quality latex-like hard wax coating, the original material is from the Java Highlands.

This product has a long-lasting protection and provide the deepest brightness of paint presentation.

This product is a protective agent, non-abrasive ingredients and efficacy can be used for multi-layer construction methods, with layers of effect.

This product is designed for the prevention and protection of paint UV UV radiation best features,

And to protect the paint and reduce paint contamination by dust.

Can be applied to the maintenance of new car paint finish and the renovation of the old car paint maintenance, can also be used for paint factory.

Storage temperature: 5-30 ℃

Viscosity: high viscosity

Density: 1.02g / cm3

Ignition temperature: 102 ℃. Non-dangerous goods

Way to use :
Can DIY hand with microfiber towel. If the mechanical construction better.

This product can use hand apply the wax evenly to the paint surface,

Then use a clean, soft open towel to wipe.

Precaution :
* Please pay attention to the storage temperature to avoid the product cold.
* Shake well before use.

If inhaled, please provide fresh air. If there is any discomfort, please seek medical treatment. This product does not cause allergies or irritation to the skin. If you accidentally come into contact with your eyes, rinse with running water under the tap for a few minutes. If swallowed accidentally, please seek medical attention as soon as possible.