Easy application. It enables you to wipe off water after car wash, and achieve glossy finish which also repels water. In 20 ~ 30 minutes water is wiped up and finish waxing.

Item Contain :
1. Antirain Car Body Coating Maintenance II - 100ML

Way to use:
1. Wash car
2. Direct Spray and wipe evenly on carbody.
3. Use another clean microfiber towel totally remove the left over oil stain.

Precaution :
1. Please use with spray bottle. Spray and evenly wipe to the panel and do not let it dry on the paint surface.

2. When using the body temperature is too high, you must cold down the surface before use.

3. This agent strong alkaline degreaser (ph about 11.5), please avoid direct contact with the skin and eyes. When using, it is recommended to wear protective gloves and splashed goggles.

4. Keep it properly placed and accessible to children.

5. Do not swallow, if swallowed, wash your mouth with plenty of clean water and seek medical advice immediately. Please avoid touching the eyes when using it. If you accidentally come into contact with the eyes, please wash with plenty of water and seek medical treatment.

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