Antirain Angel Wax 500ML - Cleaning Wax

Antirain Angel Wax 500ML - Cleaning Wax

Antirain Angle Wax with a clean composition, suitable for light-colored or slightly dirty paint, remove body dirt to restore the body gloss, showing the same as the new car-like dazzling brightness. Antirain Angle Wax also contain self cleaning function.


Hand Application:
1. Wash the vehicle with ANTIRAIN HIGH GLOSS SHAMPOO and towel dry with a ANTIRAIN Wax & Dry Towel 
2. Apply a nickel-size amount of ANTIRAIN ANGEL WAX to a foam or microfiber applicator pad. Spread it over a 2 sq. ft. section using light pressure.
3. Working in a back and forth motion will lessen the likelihood of producing swirls if a piece of dirt becomes trapped in the applicator pad.
4. The lotion will dry to a haze. Buff lightly with a soft, clean microfiber towel.

You can also use the Ryobi 1250 single gear action polisher to apply ANTIRAIN ANGEL WAX . A 5.5 inch Lake Country Green Pad will enhance the cleaning properties of the lotion and keep your hands clean during application.


Machine Application
(For easy application for novices or pros, use a Ryobi 1250 single gear action polisher.)
1. Wash the vehicle and towel dry.
2. Pour a circle of ANTIRAIN ANGEL WAX on the Lake Country Green Pad.
3. With the machine turned off, spread the lotion over a small area.
4. Set the max speed at 3 or 4 and turn the machine on.
5. Polish in a figure-eight pattern until the lotion begins to dry or disappear.
6. Buff with a clean microfiber towel.


Continue to the next section until you have polished the entire vehicle.
Always follow ANTIRAIN ANGEL WAX with a coat of wax. ANTIRAIN ANGEL WAX will give your vehicle a glossy, wet-looking shine.

Note: For best results, apply ANTIRAIN ANGEL WAX out of direct sunlight. Do not apply to hot body panels.


ANTIRAIN ANGEL WAX is not designed for use with high speed rotary polishers.