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Main component will be alkoxysilane.
The special silicone compounds blended, to form a high-purity crystallized film.
Water repellency, hardness, thickness, and is particularly excellent in such workability.

Features :
1. Crystal Gloss & Natural Radiance
2. Superb Hardness & Durability.
3. Ease of Application
4. Maintain car paint gloss and car color not faded.

Item Contain:
1. Antirain 3D Crystal Body Coating 30ML
2. Antiran Paint Cleanser 80ML
3. Coating Applicator Sponge 1pcs
4. User Guidance 1 set

Warning :
1. Don't inhale or drink
2. The persons with a delicate skin should wear protective gloves & mask in case
3. This product must be out of reach children
4. If this product stings your eyes by mistake or attached to face, wash away with clean water. Take medical advice if you feel strange.

Way to retain & dispose:
1. Don't not left under direct sunlight, where the temperature over than 40°c
2. This product is easy to leak out , please do not lay it and keep proper.
3. Use up completely before disposing
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